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When it comes to wearing a jacket, let it be cotton or leather, the rizz is always unlimited. 

No matter the style, fabric, or color, there is always one suitable jacket for everyone, and honestly, who wouldn’t want to see them styled in a finessing attire that everyone will look at as you pass by them?

Whether it’s a wedding, going to school/university, a trip, hanging out with loved ones, or that someone special, you will find leather jackets to be special and suitable for all sorts of occasions and will enable you a look that will keep you always in the midst of the spotlight. 


A better question would be, why should they not be popular? From their beautiful texture to their fitting to the cozy feel that you get while wearing them, from every bit, these items of clothing are probably the best and incomparable. 

Hence, their skyrocketing popularity and everyone’s penchant for wearing them. 

Even if you pick up a tableau of the past or any popular fashion magazine of the present, you will find the jackets to be a staple in every field, owing to their popularity for a long time in the world of style and glory.  


It’s simple! Leather Jackets or any other sorts of jacket are actually a great piece of clothing that makes for an excellent fashion statement, and also they are somewhat expensive to buy. 

So, considering this statement, wouldn’t you want to get such great fashionable clothing in a size that suits you just perfectly and neither looks too boxy on you nor overhanging?

That’s why it’s always necessary to take you proper measurements before purchasing, specifically online, as you would not want to go back and forth about exchanging or returning the product and all that mess. 


No matter how much you get facilitated by a store regarding size issues, believe it when we say that it would always be a better option to take measurements yourself and then select the right size from the size chart. Here are the four easy steps to measure a jacket with measurement tape. 

Before going further, do know that there is no sacred order to these sequences. You can choose to take any measurement before or after the other. 

Sometimes, you might not even need to take all 4 measurements, as one or two might suffice. 

So, without any further ado, here are the easy steps for you: 


Why shoulders? Because getting the right measurement for the shoulders provides the wearer with an amazing fit. If your jacket fits correctly on the shoulders, there is a high chance that you have selected just the right size for you. 

However, unfortunately, if the jacket feels like too much slipping from your shoulder or too tight that you find it difficult to even move your arms around, then you will have to do something about your shoulder measurement. 

 For shoulder measurement, what you will have to do would be to put the measuring tape at the corner of one shoulder and then extend it to the corner of the other shoulder, and et voila! Your shoulder measurement is done.

Remember! Even if you have broad shoulders, your shoulder measurement must lie within 20 inches and no more than that, as shoulder measurements are mostly within this range. However, still, there could be some exceptions, so it’s not a hard and fast implication! 


Of course, you would want to take the chest measurement of the jacket, because when it comes to wearing the jacket, an inaccurate chest measurement would result in an uneven fitting of the jacket, which in turn, would cause you to remain uncomfortable for the whole time you will be wearing your gorgeous attire. 

For the chest, you will need to start your measurement by placing the measuring tape below one of your armpits to the other and double whatever measurement you would get (to account for the entire front and back), or simply just start the measurement from below one armpit and measure it all the way around the back to where you started from.  


For most of Mens Leather Jackets, the waist measurement is sometimes not necessary, but sometimes it is just as much important as it is for a female jacket. 

It would surely not hurt for you to take waist measurements for just extra precautions, would it? 

Taking the waist measurement is totally easy in comparison to the other measurements. For it, you would have to place the measurement tape somewhat at a side little above the hemline and then measure it across to the other one (or just like the chest, you can do all the way around the waist, as well). 


Just like all the others, the measurement of sleeves is also crucial to the fitting and sizing of the jacket. For suppose, if the length of the sleeve is a little bit longer than you intended, then your sleeves would end up always riding down, and there would be a point where you will be frustrated again and again pulling it up. 

As for the case, if the length is too short, then the sleeves would be unable to cover up your entire arm and in turn, beat the purpose of full-length sleeves. 

For the measurement of sleeves, you will have to place the measurement tape at the tip of your jacket’s shoulder and let it fall all the way to the edge of the sleeve, i.e., the hem of the cuffs, and that’s it! You are done with your measurement. 


Choosing the right fit for your jacket is an important thing as it would eventually affect your experience while wearing the dope, trendy outerwear and making your appearance more fabulous. So, it’s always necessary for one to take their time while measuring the jacket. 

Once you measure the jacket, then just head on to the store, check out their size chart, select the size whose measurements fit you the best, and enjoy a blissful time with your new fashion gear!  

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